Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Phone Pics

Thank you for the sweet comments on my last post.
I'm excited to see God work in Jacob's (and Levi's) life :)

Here are a few phone pics taken recently:

Levi looking ever-so-sweet :)

Jacob sporting his new swim goggles while rockin' a kung-fu-panda pose :)

My sweet niece Kate, my bff ;)

Levi rockin' his Harley t-shirt while saying "cheeeeeeese"

Jacob playing pitcher - lol :)

I went to my first Gender Reveal Party (Kris was at work).
It was so much fun and so much anticipation!
David and Melody are having another boy!
we were to wear what we "thought" it was going to be, thus the pink bow :)

Here is Levi having chips and salsa for the very first time.
His version is with mini ritz crackers :)

Hope you're having a great week!

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Kelley said...

I love your pictures! They are great! You have a beautiful family!