Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fatherly Love

Thank you for the sweet comments on Jacob's room.
I seriously cannot take credit for any of the ideas, it was all Pinterest.
I am not creative enough to come up with ideas on my own, but I'm a great copycat :)

It was a little windy today.  A perfect day to fly a kite - Jacob's first.  
He's been asking all week, so we Kris promised him he would take him after church.

There is an empty field next to our subdivision, so they walked over to it.
Levi was napping or else we would've went too, so I threw the camera over Kris' shoulder before they left.  
He just looked at me and asked, "blog material?"  He knows me well.  :)

They had a great time.  Kris did say Jacob let go and he had to run after the kite a couple of times.
Now where's a picture of that!
It's probably a good idea Levi didn't go.  We wouldn't be able to find him in that tall grass!

Jacob has also been asking to go fishing.
He loves to cast his fishing pole in the backyard.
So Kris surprised him one day after school last week and took him to the lake.

He caught one!

He also had pictures last week at school.
I dressed him up, but I guess the teacher thought she should change him into his 'extra clothes' so he wouldn't get anything on him.  Well his change of clothes are now a tad small.  

His shirt is practically 3/4 length sleeves and his jeans are high waters, oh and they were on inside out too!

I asked him if I could take his picture and he immediately got into this pose.
Guess this is one they used for pictures at school.  Can't wait to see!

quick funny story:  I had to take Jacob (and Levi) to t-ball practice last week while Kris was at work.
I was busy chasing Levi around when Jacob yelled from the field, "Mommy, I want a hug!"
I replied, in front of all the other parents, "after practice."  

I know, mother of the year right here rejecting a hug from her son.
But the kid wasn't paying attention to the coach and we were there to practice!  

Then his reply to me was, "but I love you!"  
Dagger straight to the heart!  All the parents in unison did, "awwwwww!"  

I would've taken the hug, but Levi decided to have a blowout and I had to change his diaper in the trunk of my car.  Oh yes I did. :)


Kelley said...

That is a hoot! Of course they have that kind of diaper in public. I have changed mine in the trunk too! Love hearing the t-ball story.

kimmie said...

Cute story...Jacob is so sweet! I use the back of my suv all the time to change diapers. I avoing changing tables in public places as much a possible...they gross me out! ha!

Jessica said...

How fun! We love flying kites & fishing too!! I love his too small clothes! Riley is the same way. He will find things that are 2 sizes too small & come out of his room wearing them so proudly.

Jacob's room looks fantastic! Great job!