Friday, April 13, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Moms of Boys

Today I am linking with Kelly's Korner to Show Us Your Life - Moms of Boys.

So if you're coming over from there, welcome and here is a snapshot of my family:

I have 2 boys and I absolutely love it!  I really love saying, "my boys", "the boys" and I love that they are momma's boys :)

Jacob is our oldest who just turned 5.  
He is smart, out going, loves trains, cars, french toast and loves to learn!
He can be very stubborn, but also has a big heart.  He is wonderful at being a big brother!

Next is little Levi who is 21mos.
We didn't know what we were having, so I was convinced it was a girl.  Doh! :)
Always happy!  As a baby he never cried or fussed.  
And continues to be such a sweet happy soul.
Hands down, best baby ever!
by the way, cheapest entertainment ever... lids and a muffin tin  :)

I love being an all-boy mom.  They hold a special place in my heart, and I hope I in theirs ;)

Momma loves you Jacob & Levi to the moon and back and back again!


Erin said...

I didn't know about this boy business - but my little H is a ridiculously cute blessing (albeit way energetic and stubborn).

Kelley said...

They are so cute! I love your descriptions!