Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jacob's Finished Bedroom

Tonight we Kris put the finishing touches on Jacob's bedroom.
It's only taken what... 6mos, a little longer?  
We are the definition of procrastinators!

With that aside, come on in!
Kris painted the room and added a chair rail.
I saw the red and gray combo all over pinterest so I ran with that.  

I saw this pin and did my own version using a "J" I found at JoAnn Fabrics and spray painted it red.
Also the houndstooth fabric is from JoAnn's and it's used a few times throughout the room.  

I saw this pennant banner tutorial and wanted to make one for the room.
Wasn't sure where I was going to hang it, but this wall is so long, I figured it could go above his bed.
{I really like the pop of yellow}  

The headboard was a $5 find from a local thrift store.  
Kris painted it red and added the baseballs - his idea  :)

Turned out cute!

He also made the cornice box using the houndstooth fabric.

I got the idea for the skateboard from this post.
Got this one at Walmart and added the Razorback canvas.
The dresser also got an overhaul from Kris and he redid the thrift store lamp for me too - see this post for before pics..  

I spray painted his name red and hung it back up.
Found the basketball goal at Academy Sports, the sports canvas print from Target, the wall decal for the 'boy definition' from Etsy and the school desk from a local thrift store for $10 - score!  
Love me a thrift store if you can't tell ;)
btw, the definition says, "boy - noise with dirt on it"  Amen!  :)

Oh, and I saw this tutorial and took leftover fabric and covered the light switch :)

Also along this wall are 3 free printables I found on Pinterest.
I printed on card stock and hung in some cheap frames that I spray painted.
Love me some spray paint! :)

I didn't take a picture, but Kris also hung some glow-in-the-dark stars/moons on the ceiling above his bed.  Jacob loves!

And my favorite thing in his room is this ;)
Well thanks for sticking around.  
I know I love to read posts that redo a bedroom and I appreciate the links provided for projects, so maybe you saw something you might try?   :)  


kimmie said...

I LOVE IT! Y'all did a great job! Kris is pretty crafty huh? That's always helpful! I was just telling Chris tonight we need to redo Maddox's room... I'm inspired!

Emily said...

I LOVE his room! I am needing ideas for my son in the next few months when we turn his room into a big boy room. How funny that I had thought about painting his furniture red.

Was your son's furniture already red or did you have it painted or paint it yourself? Was it hard?

Kelley said...

His room turned out fantastic! I love the colors. Everything you did was so thought out and perfect! What and awesome room!

Kelley said...

sorry not and

Erin said...

Next time I have a room to do - I will let you design it. It is really neat!