Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jacob's Bedroom

We are about 85% finished with Jacob's big-boy bedroom transformation.
He's been in a full-size bed for almost 2yrs, but we've never decorated his room per se.
Once it's complete, I will share some pics.

I love reading posts of taking an item and transforming it in some fashion.
I found this lamp base at a thrift store for $3.  
I snatched it up figuring it could easily be painted and that is what we Kris did.  :)

I bought a lampshade and Kris covered it with the same fabric he used to make a cornice box for the window.  
{I had zero patience to wrap that shade!}

The dresser is from the nursery set we bought when he was a baby(crib, dresser, changing table).
We figured he could continue to use it until he's a teenager.
{this is actually Levi's.  his is a tad different at the bottom- i forgot to take a before pic of Jacob's.  

Again, Kris to the rescue, he sanded and painted it.
Red is Jacob's favorite color so I figured this could be the pop of color in his room.
But I tell you right now, I am the one who spray painted the knobs and re-installed.  Go me! :)

The subway art in the frame was a free printable I found on pinterest and last week Walgreens had a free 8x10 print special (thanks Mel), so this baby was FA-REE!!  
And I already had the frame - it's not staying there btw.  

Also in the pic above is a peak of the chair rail Kris installed.  
The top color is driftwood grey by Glidden.  
I'm seeing grey all over Pinterest, so we jumped on that bandwagon.  

I am having a hard time figuring out what to put on the walls.
I want fun, whimsical boy things, so I made a pennant banner and I have a couple of other little things, but his room has a really long wall, and it needs something!  I am not a decorator so this stresses me out!
I'm all over Pinterest but if you have any ideas, please share.  Pictures would be great too ;)  


Jenna said...

looks great! I am loving grey right now too! Hudson's big boy room is looming on my mind right now... not quite ready but soon.

Kelley said...

What you have shown us so far looks fantastic!

Melody said...

Can't wait to see the finished room. Love the lamp and dresser. I'm thinking about painting a dresser so you'll have to give me some pointers.

Jessica said...

Oh, fun!! I love "new" rooms! : )