Monday, October 10, 2011

Gettin My Craft On

I found a simple craft project on Pinterest that I thought I would try.  

I have a couple of tips to share if you decide to make one:
-Glue your ribbon to the back of your letter before gluing the candy corn.  Just makes it easier to do.
-I wished I had spray painted my letter black to go along with Halloween colors because you can see some of it through the candy corn.  Oh well...

Ta da!!!  :)
please ignore the dirty kitchen in the background  :)

Last Thursday Melody had Jacob and I over (Levi was at home napping with Kris) for a play/craft date.
She spotted this craft project on Pinterest and asked if we wanted to make.

She had a cute little spread waiting for us.  

She has the cutest Halloween decorations throughout her house

Since it was windy outside, we set up shop inside

And here is our finished ghost. 
Per Kris, we added a mouth :)  

It was a quick and easy project, however, I'm saddened to say our ghost is shrinking.  
When we got up this morning, it was slumping.  I guess we didn't use enough liquid starch?  I dunno.
I even sprayed hair spray on it once I got it home to help hold it up.  As I said earlier, oh well... :)  


Melody said...

Hate to hear your ghost is shrinking. It was still good times and I'm so glad you all were able to come over. What's our next craft project? LOL

Kelley said...

Those turned out great! It is fun to make things. I wish I had more time to do this. My girls would love it.

kimmie said...

Girl...You are crafting it up!! Good for you!! I love the K...i haven't seen those on Pinterest yet. I love that you get together with friends to do fun!