Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Kate!


I cannot believe my favorite niece is 5 years old today!!!
Seems like just yesterday...
funny story:  during one of my visits, john took beth for a walk (she had a c-section) and they left me in the room alone with kate.  i said sure, go ahead.  
but inside i was praying, "please don't cry!!!!"  :)   i had never been around babies before.  
{i know you can't tell, but i was 4mos prego with jacob in this pic}  :)

Kate is such a smart, funny little girl.  She is the next best thing of me having my own little girl.  
I love her to pieces!!!  

Happy Birthday Kate!!!
Love watching you grow!!

Love Uncle Kris, Aunt Sissy, Jacob and Levi

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Kelley said...

She is so cute! Happy Birthday!