Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet lil Stinker

Sorry for the lack in blogging, no particular reason why...  just kinda got into a slump.

We are enjoying some unseasonably warm weather.
Jacob continues to play outside in the dirt which results in multiple baths.  
Hair is outta control, I know.  

He's doing really well in {pre}school.  He is a quick learner, Kris made the comment the other day that he hopes Jacob is not bored in kindergarten.  :)  

Speaking of his skillz, look what he did on the windowsill in our bedroom:
That is the very first time he's ever done that.  
Took 4.5yrs, surprised it hasn't happened sooner, but it will be his last too!!
I texted this picture to Kris at work and his replay was, "well, at least his 2s and 3s are getting better."   :)  

Even though he can be rotten, he can also be sweet.
I love how Levi is just lounging.  :)

Momma loves her boys!


Kelley said...

Those are precious pictures! I thought his numbers looked great!

kimmie said...

Love Jacobs bath hair do! I laughed at Kris's response to the wall art! You have two CUTIE PIES! your pics of the boys are always a glimpse of my life on about a year out it!

Brittany said...

i love kris' response:))) classic!!!

The Robinsons said...

love that pic of the boys. getting so big!