Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

The boys and I had a wonderful time at Meme and Papaw's house this weekend.
I could not ask for better travelers!  They both did great!!!  

Jacob spent a lot of time outside!

And someone got their very first 4wheeler ride!  
I think Jacob was telling Papaw to be careful :)

No smiles, but lots of waves!!!!

Sweet brother.  When Jacob was riding, he would wave to him too.

My view as we were walking back inside

Here's a funny story about my crazy mother.  The woman loves her corning ware.
I opened a cabinet door to get something out, and saw this.

Then I opened the other door

But literally laughed out loud when I saw this :)

Levi is now starting to warm up to grass.  
He usually doesn't like walking on it.

I hate that we missed seeing Kelley and her girls.
Between nap time and then her little one getting sick, we didn't get a chance to meet up.
I hope Mady is feeling better!!!


kimmie said...

The 4 wheeler looks like fun!! I wish we had a lot of land to ride on...I would get me one!! I laughed out loud at your Mom's corning ware...that is hilarious!!! It's very organizied!! Levi's crack...I die!! Glad you had a great weekend!!

Oh and I totally didn't care that my name wasn't spelled right...I was just honored to see it!! Thanks friend!!

Beth said...

Looks like a fun weekend. LOL on the corning ware. Loved Levi's crack showing...little monkey!

Erin said...

That CorningWare stuff is hilarious! I love sweet time with the grandparents. Your dad looked like he was having a ball, too.

Kelley said...

Your pictures are precious! Mady is still not herself at all. She is so fussy and cries a lot. It just isn't like her. Not sure if this antibiotic is working. I am not seeing a change at all.