Friday, October 7, 2011


I know Thanksgiving is over a month away, but I am feeling very thankful.
Some are big, some are little, but I thought I would list what I'm thankful for:

*I'm thankful Talbey was discharged from Arkansas Childrens' Hospital this week!
Please keep the Ahlum family in your prayers as they now adjust to their new life.

*I'm thankful Kris had this week off from work.  It has been great to spend time with him.
He is a great handy-man and has done a lot around the house during his 'vacation'.  Thank you lovebug!

*I'm thankful Levi is such a sweet precious baby.  
He simply lets us lay him down at nap or at night with no fuss.  
This I do not take for granted!!

*I'm thankful Jacob is excited about school, swim class.  He enjoys learning and that makes my heart smile.

*I'm thankful the Lord has been our provider and has allowed me to stay home with the boys.

*I am thankful for running water.
Kris had to turn the main water line off while he repaired the faucet in the tub (see #2 above).  
Of course during that time I needed water, and I was counting down the minutes until it was fixed while so many people around the world live without it everyday.  Bless them Lord.

*I am thankful I was raised in a Christian home and my mom and dad helped me ask Jesus into my heart.

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Brittany said...

lots to be thankful for!!! :)))