Friday, October 28, 2011

Headband & Hero

Levi loves to snatch my headband anytime it's in arm's reach.
I laughed the first time I saw him do it because he knew just what to do.  
I wear it when I brush my teeth to hold my hair back and when I put on makeup.  
I guess he picked up on that.  ;)
He also snatched the measuring tape.

He walked around the house for a good 10mins before taking it off  :)

Jacob got this cape last year at Christmas from Aunt B

He told me he wanted to be a super hero, so I reminded him he had a cape.
He's flying here :)

It was a coincidence they were both wearing blue and gray
Sweet brothers... well, when they want to be ;)

p.s.  I caught Levi putting an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet.
In fact, there were 3!  


Kelley said...

Your boys are the cutest things! I love the stories you tell about them.

Jessica said...

Those boys have the prettiest eyes!! : )

Brittany said...

that is so funny! xander loves to put my headbands on!! I keep meaning to get a picture! Your boys are so cute!