Friday, October 14, 2011

Boys all around

Jacob got his haircut this week.  And there might have been some bribing since he throws the biggest fits.
Uh, how old are you kid?!  Luckily Kris said he didn't throw a fit, just did a lot of squirming. 
A stylist's dream I'm sure.  HA!  Right Kimmie?  :)
Hopefully we've turned a corner!!!  (he has a crazy cowlick!)

In honor of Christopher Columbus, they made these hats in school.  I asked for a smile...

Cousin Luke came over this afternoon.  He and Jacob played so well together and shared a snack.
{watching Nemo}

Can't forget sweet Levi.
This little monkey decided to start his day today at 4:30AM!  This has never happened before.
We've gone sooo long on a good sleeping pattern that it shocked me to hear him crying over the monitor. Once I picked him up he was fine and was ready to play.  Don't think so mister.  
He's starting to say 'cheese' when I grab the camera.  

I was sitting on the floor, so he decided to come sit next to me.

Both my mom and sister told me not to cut the curls, but I gotta do something about the tail.
I mean, look at it.
This was after a bath, so it's a little damp.  
You should see it when it's completely wet and it's flowing down his neck.  So funny.

The boys and I are heading to my parents this weekend.  Kris has to work :(
But if you ask him, he may give you a :)  

Kelley, if you're free, I'd love to meet up with ya and your sweet girls.
Sorry for the late notice, it's a spur of the moment trip!


kimmie said...

LOL!! Moving targets are a little bit of a challenge..but hey..we are always up for a good challenge every so often! Especially when they are cutie pies!!

Don't you love the Lightning McQueen tray..Maddox has it too and it comes in so handy!!

Levi's tail sure is one cute tail!!
Hope you have a great weekend and have fun at your parents!!

Kelley said...

Hey that sounds like fun! We should be here all weekend. We could meet at the park or whatever. Do you still have my number?

The Robinsons said...

that picture of levi smiling at the camera made me smile! what a cutie!