Monday, October 24, 2011

Skating Birthday Party

Saturday was Kate's birthday party at the skating rink.  
The cake was all Kate.  She loves purple and pink.  And she loves all things princess and now skating ;)

Beth made cute favor bags

One of the things inside was a miniature whoopie cushion.  
When Jacob pulled it out he said, "oh look a ribbon"  :)
As in a 1st, 2nd place ribbon... ha!

Birthday girl!  She looked precious!

Jacob had never been skating before.
He loved it for a little bit, then told me he was done and played air hockey the rest of the time.

Luke having fun with Meme

Then it was time for Limbo!

These two are becoming inseparable.

Then it was time for pizza!

Then cake time!  This look is priceless!  I'm not sure what was going through her head.  I'll have to ask Beth.

Making a wish! 

Oh, and yours truly rockin' some skates acting like I was 12 again!
When Jacob saw me, he exclaimed, "MOMMY, you have skates on!!"  So funny!
Oh, and for those that asked to see my hair..  there was not much change, just touched up the roots.  :)

Action shot!  HA! :)

Kate asked instead of gifts that you donate to Talbey's medical fund.
She made $550!!!  Praise the Lord!  

Love you and your big heart, Kate!


Beth said...

Thanks for the posts! Kate had a great time. The look on her face at the cake was where one of the little balls caught on fire! She was scared the whole cake was going to go up in flames!

Kelley said...

What a precious little girl! Love the skating pictures. Takes me back. I did play the clarinet and was a majorette. Ha!

Jessica said...

Girlfriend, I LOVE to skate! I taught 5th grade for 6th years {this is my 1st year to stay home} and I took my kiddos skating every year. Love skating! And that cake and goodie bags are to die for cuteness! : )