Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Craft Project Attempt

So I attempted a craft project. 
Small for some, but big time for me.  :)

I don't have a creative bone in my body. 
I'm not even creative enough to come up with this idea on my own - stole it from another blog. 

I've never had an urge to decorate Jacob's room.  Again, I thank the lack of creativity.
We did buy him a full size bed, so I bought bedding with a sports theme. 

I found a canvas print at Target to hang, then I saw the idea of getting wooden letters for his name, and then wrapping the letters with scrapbook paper - your theme of choice.
I bought sports theme paper. 

So without further adieu, here is the finish product that we hung above his closet door:

The J is footballs, the A is football verbiage, the C resembles football leather, the O is baseballs, and the B is baseball verbiage.  I didn't use any basketball paper, I figured he will be too short for it.  HA!  :)

And here is my very own Handy Manny.  I stand corrected, he would like to be referred to as Bob the Builder instead.  :)

Little by little hopefully his room will come together. 
Baby steps...  :)

Speaking of baby, we'll have to decorate a nursery in 5wks.
Or at least know if we need blues or pinks.  :)


The Robinsons said...

looks great! don't you know every idea is borrowed from somebody? i bought letters for nick's room to do this and have never gotten around to it after abby came. btw, i think the black door looks good. kris did a good job.

Becky said...

It looks so goooooood! I love it! I love to decorate, but it seems like everything I like costs lots of money so I'm always trying to find the "look for less" it seems!

Melody said...

Look at you! I think it looks great.