Wednesday, May 26, 2010


  • hate my swollen feet
  • am glad Lost is over.  that show had too much to keep up with
  • currently obsessed with Etsy.  i have bought 3 prints from there in the past week
  • have the biggest urge to decorate my house, even though i have absolute zero decorating skills (see above)
  • had peanut butter cake for the first time and loved it.  thanks mom!
  • cannot believe it's almost June.  wasn't it just Christmas?
  • prefer strawberry limeades over cherry
  • anxious to see Jacob as a big brother
  • will be the mother of 2 in 4 short weeks - EEK!
  • need to seal the deal on baby names!


Beth said...

I like the name:
Emma Beth
Chloe Beth
Levi Beth...see a trend?

Becky said...

Hey! I hate swollen feet too! And Lost was just craziness and I think a lot of those questions will NEVER have answers! About the breastfeeding-just try to STICK with it. Even if nothing comes out...just keep going. I would pump and pump and pump and nothing came out but eventually your body adjusts because it thinks the baby needs more food. As far as pumping at work, I have a room in the back I go to. Or I got a car charger that works just as well and sometimes go out there and sit with my "hooter hider" on. Try to hang in's a lot of work, but worth it! Hope you have a great weekend!