Saturday, May 15, 2010

First and Second Born

Here is our little first born, Jacob.   
I'm amazed how big he is getting. 
He continues to learn new things and amazes us every day.
His little mind is a well-oiled machine.
He looks so big with this sucker.  And believe me, Dadddy kept an eye on him at all times.  :)

And let me introduce you to our soon-to-be second born (aka last). 
I had an ultrasound on Thursday because I've been measuring ahead, which I still am.
The baby weighs a little over 5lbs, and with only 6wks left, we may not have a big baby afterall.
They are estimating another 8 pounder, like Jacob. 

As soon as we saw this sweet face, tears filled our eyes, followed by laughter as Kris said, "baby's got my nose!".  Look at those chubby cheeks - guess he/she gets that from me.  HA! 

Seeing this sweet face was so surreal.  I mean, I know we're having a baby, but this just gave us a small glimpse of what's to come. 

Can't wait to meet you little one.
Momma & Daddy love you to the moon!

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The Robinsons said...

aww. look at her cheeks. ;)