Saturday, March 17, 2012

T-Ball Day!

I know not to have ANY expectations when it comes to your kids, especially a certain 4 (almost 5) year old boy.  ;)

Today was Jacob's first t-ball practice.
Other than the plastic set in the backyard, it was his first time to be exposed to a {real} baseball, bat, glove, ball field, teammates, you get the idea.  
So with that said, zero expectations were necessary!

His attention span is short, and practice was the longest hour known to man.
I believe here he was in the process of throwing down his glove.  :)

But, it could have been A LOT worse!!
He just had a couple of mini melt downs only because other little boys got to the ball first.  

But he did have fun batting, and did really well.

He had fun running the bases too.

When it comes to physical activity, Jacob is, for the most part, not interested.  
And we can pretty much hang up the bicycle.  It's just not gonna happen.

And to be honest, it's driving me nuts.  Probably because I was the biggest tom-boy growing up and I loved softball, volley ball, dodge ball, kick ball, etc...  and I still do!!
Mom told me I learned how to ride the bike before Beth.

Here's the funny thing... Jacob would rather read a book, write his letters, numbers, and the few words he knows.  I'm OK with it, really.  The kid loves to learn.  How could I ever be upset over that?!?
I will never force him to do anything he doesn't want to do.
Maybe he will show interest at a later age, who knows...

Or he will be our scholar and Levi will be the athlete :)


Erin said...

Jacob and Jillian would get along beautifully. She played t-ball one year (it just happened to be the year I was pregnant), and I swore it would never happen again. She cried everytime she got out. She volunteered to sit in the dugout. She loves her books - and has yet to ride a bike without training wheels (and she is 8!!!).

Kelley said...

I am really glad he gave it a try. Mary-Kate went to soccer camp this summer. She hated it. It was only 110 degrees. She had to play with kids much older. Mostly she just sat and didn't want to participate. Her friends played this fall. She didn't care anything about it. In Jan. she asked if she could play soccer. I signed her up and she loves it now. I didn't play sports as a kid. I love watching her. I feel like you do. I don't want to make her do something she doesn't want to. I bet the next practice will be even better!