Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gulf Shores Part 1

We returned yesterday from our 2nd annual Key/Pittman/Stewart family vacation.
Although, I'm not sure there will be a 3rd next year - HA! ;)
Ideally we wanted to caravan with my parents and Beth&John, but Kris couldn't get off work, so the others carried on while myself, Jacob and Levi patiently waited for Kris. 
Jacob was so antsy, and asked multiple times when daddy was getting home.
So he wrote him a note.  :)
We were heading to Gulf Shores, so we thought once Kris got off work, we would at least drive to my parents house.  We decided to just spend the night there then get up early the next morning to finish the drive.

his 'are we there yet?' look :)
We shared a beach house with my parents and my sister's family and stayed at The Martinique.
We had a really cute house.
The kiddos slept on the 3rd floor (Crow's Nest), they loved it.
There were 2 different pools and a private beach.
Not sure why, but Jacob liked the hot tub.
I saw this idea online and tried to recreate it :)
I have a bazillion pics, so I'll probably have many 'parts' to post :)
to be continued... :)


Emily said...

Love the house you rented!

The sand bucket over top the kids in the picture was a cute idea! I hadn't seen that before!

Erin said...

Jealous! I wish we had gotten to do a beach vacation this year.

kimmie said...

That house looks amazing!!! Gulf Shores looks like a beautiful beach!!! Love the bucket pic!!