Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Memory Making with Cousins

Yesterday, Kris and I took Jacob, Kate and Luke to Silver Dollar City.
We wanted to use our season tickets one more time before school started.
Since Levi wasn't crazy about it the last time we went, my mom was nice enough to watch him for us.  I asked Beth and her monkeys to join us, but she had to work, so I offered to take the kiddos with us.   
For the most part, everyone got along ;)
"Sit down, please."  Said the ride operator :)
This picture makes me laugh so hard!  And I hate that my camera was on the wrong setting!
This ride went 1mph, and didn't go up or down or anything.
Luke was obviously not a fan - ha! :)
He did like the big pirate ship.
If you ever go to Steal Your Dollar City Silver Dollar City, you must go see this Dog Show!
So neat!  And some very talented dogs!  You'll have to trust me since this is the only pic :)
The kids loved it!!

The ball pit is always a favorite!

See why I call them monkeys? :)
Luke was Kris' little buddy throughout the day :)
We ended the day with a funnel cake!  Huge hit with the kids!
It was consumed before I could even turn the camera on ;)
Good times!


Erin said...

I love cousin time - both for me and my kids!

Kelley said...

Love love love that they are so close!

Emily said...

It's so odd hearing about Silver Dollar City. We use to have that before it was turned into Dollywood! Looks like a fun trip!!

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