Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

Kris took Friday & Saturday off from work, it was nice to have him home with us.
We started Friday Night Lights a couple of weeks ago, and finished Friday night. 
Appropriate, eh? :) 
We flew through the 5 seasons.  We loved it!  I don't know why we didn't watch it when it was on TV.  I will say, I had to watch about 4 or 5 episodes to be hooked. 
Now I'm ready to join a support group, I hate that it's over!
Saturday was Joshua's 1st birthday party!  Melody threw the cutest party!  I wish I had a picture of his cake. 
I do have this one of the cute birthday boy!
Saturday night we had a few friends over.  Kate (my niece) took this picture of Levi and our friends' little girl.  :)
We made a countdown chain for school.
Jacob says he's excited for school to start.  I hope it stays that way!
Think he needs a haircut?
I found him playing while singing a song he learned at VBS. 
I had to video!  So so sweet!
Here's Levi singing, "I wanna be like Jesus." 
That sure is my prayer little man!!

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Frank and Natalie said...

LOVE Friday Night Lights. Because of Tammy Taylor I find it socially acceptable to wear cowboy boots in any situation. My husband and I often talk about the characters like we know them....maybe we should start the support group :)