Sunday, August 25, 2013

Giving Soccer a Shot!

Jacob is playing soccer for the first time this season.
Friday night was the kick off and we met his coach and got his uniform.
Saturday morning was his first practice.  HA!
Wonder if this indicates how the season will be :)
 My mom is in town, and she's been so kind to watch the boys for us.
Levi spent the night with her Friday night while we were at the soccer open house and she had him Saturday morning while we were at practice.  That helped so much!!   
Jacob has had a great first week at school.  He actually said he was sad to leave school each day.  :)
Levi has been walking around the house asking, "where's Jayjup?"  :)
He plays exactly how Jacob did at this age.  Loves to line up cars, trains, etc...
Love my boys!


Kelley said...

I bet Jacob will have an awesome soccer season. MK loves it! Levi is so cute!

The Crowder Family said...

So funny about the soccer picture! I'm glad Jacob's enjoying school, and it's so sweet how Levi misses him!