Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of 1st Grade!

Today Jacob starts 1st grade.  He has been so excited the last few days!
Last night he read this book to us.
I just love Levi's excitement :)
Afterwards we all held hands and prayed for a wonderful school year. 
Last year we had a back-to-school breakfast, so I thought we'd keep the tradition rolling.
I found so many cute {free} printables on Pinterest. 
Kris asked how many 1st grade signs do I need.  Can you have too many? :)
He loved the little school buses.
He was so excited when he walked into the kitchen.  And Levi was too! :)
This small touch will be inside his lunchbox. 

Ready to go!
But first, the obligatory sign picture :)


1st grade!!
I got a little teary eyed saying goodbye.  I asked for a hug and he didn't hesitate.  :)
And because momma loves a comparison:
What a difference a year makes! 
Be blessed Jacob.  I hope your little light shines!


Eleanor said...

Ooh, cute! I love your party set-up!

Erin said...

Hope this school year is a-mazing for Jacob. And, no, I don't do tootsie rolls. But I do talk about Mrs. Collins doing it.

Cindi said...

Way to go, Jacob!! I hope he had the best day yesterday, and I hope has a GREAT first grade year. :)And on a totally different subject...where do the years go? I remember his first day of school Kindergarten breakfast like it was yesterday. Me oh my!

Whitney Brown said...

Super cute blog! Almost teared up by you saying you hope his little light shines. Precious.

Kelley said...

How sweet! Once they start school it goes so fast! He'll love first grade!

Emily said...

I remembered you doing this from last you mind if I steal some of your ideas. Lincoln starts Kindergarten this year!!!!