Saturday, August 17, 2013

Around here

Last Thursday was 'meet the teacher' at Jacob's school.  Or in his case, meet the substitute. 
His real teacher is currently on maternity leave and won't be back till November, so we met the sub, who was super sweet.  Ironically, Jacob's kindergarten teacher had a baby last February. 
I wonder if he thinks all his teachers will have babies :)
Friday we met up with a few friends at a local park for a picnic.  The weather has been gorgeous!!
Here he looks like a teenager to me!
He will be a big 1st grader on Monday.  :(
But sometimes I look at him and can still see a tiny glimpse of my baby :)
Now look at this monkey!

prior to haircut
He is something else! :)
I know I sound like a broken record, but I love being a boy momma!
I think there is just something special about a mother and her son(s). 
I hope to hold a special place in their hearts as they do in mine.

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Erin said...

Hope Jacob's first week of first grade is great.