Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mom of The Year

Last Thursday while at school, Levi just wasn't himself. 
I noticed that morning he had a runny nose, but that was it. 
Once we got home, he had a 101* fever! :( 
He slept from 6pm-6am that night (wish he did that every night, ha!) 
Friday morning came, and I debated whether or not to take him in.
I feel like every time my boys have the sniffles, I'm in a doctor's office.
So I watched him throughout the day and he was actually feeling OK.
He even asked to go ride his bicycle.
Saturday and Sunday his fever would come and go, and he had a stuffy nose.
Monday he stayed home with Kris while I went to work.
Today though, just when we thought he was getting better, the fever came back.
So Kris took him to see the doctor and they said his tonsils were really red and swollen.
He was tested for Strep and he passed!  :(
trying green eggs and ham at school last week
Dagger in my heart!  I should have taken him in Friday!!
Poor thing has been going 4, almost 5 days with it.  #momfail
In my defense, he was running around, playing and acting like any other day.
So it didn't seem to bother him.
Please forgive me little man. 
Momma loves you bunches and I pray you're completely healed soon!!

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Erin said...

Sadly, this is pretty much the story of my Mommy life. I always assume they will be better tomorrow (FYI - I do the same thing for myself). Then I look to be the worst mom ever. Don't feel bad - you are so not alone!