Monday, March 3, 2014

Happenings Around Here

Touring Krispy Kreme with fellow Cub Scouts - Levi included :)
They each got to make their own donut.
Last Friday was dress like a conductor day at school. 
The only thing we had was his conductor's hat we gave as favors from his 3rd birthday!!
 and luckily found a tshirt with a train on it ;)
Later that morning I signed on facebook, and saw the school had posted this :)
Friday evening we went over to our friends house for pizza.
And the boys loved playing with Caleb and Joshua.
My sweet baby
I could eat.him.up!
They crack me up in their little-old-man robes :)
Jacob thinks it's funny when Levi falls asleep :)
Hope you're staying warm!
This winter is downright crazy!

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Cindi said...

Good thing I just ate a cinnamon roll; otherwise, I'd be CRAving me some KK donuts right now. How fun would that be to go make one. I need a field trip like this for me. Ha!