Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life According to iPhone Pics

Here are some random pics of life lately around here...
Jacob's Cub Scouts went to a local senior center.

Last week he graduated from the cub to wolf pack, hence new neckerchief.
They love taking a crazy pic!

Mr. Big Boy!
Meme turned a year older ;)
Our mid-week park dates with Luke will come to an end in the fall when he starts kindergarten :(
Levi will be so upset!
Woody stopped by the other morning for breakfast.
And to see Jacob off to school :)
I watched Luke for a little bit this morning.
He'd make a great big brother ;)  hehe
He is always fascinated with this pole :)
Oh hey there!
Hurts to look at him!
And if you wonder like Kris, I will probably take a sleeping pic any chance I get :)
Good times!

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Kelley said...

Precious pictures!