Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Overnight Camping Trip

Jacob's Cub Scout Troop went camping this past weekend.
I'm so happy Kris was able to take him and spend some good quality time together.
A.K.A - momma don't camp ;)
Actually Levi and I could have went too, but I honestly wanted this time to be only about Jacob and his Dad.  Kris works late hours and he's gone every Saturday for work, so I figured this would be a great bonding experience for both of them.
I told Kris to take the camera because I needed blogging material :)
Jacob with his friend Cameron and his sister Kendra

This picture cracks me up! 
Two things worth mentioning:
a).  Jacob is not left handed 
b).When he was telling me about this particular event, he said, "Mommy, my arrow went way passed the target!!"  He was so excited, I couldn't tell him that's not the object. :)
Their home away from home.
Uh, a no thank you!
I wonder how many marshmallows he fit on that thing ;)
They had a great time!
And it makes my heart happy knowing Jacob will have these memories with his Dad.

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Kelley said...

That sounds like fun! I am not a camper either. ha!