Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Fun!

We had a wonderful time at my parents house for Easter.
The weather was beautiful, and the kids loved all the activities.
First up was the Easter Egg Hunt.
I use the word hunt loosely because we basically scatter the eggs in their backyard.
I laugh at the patch of grass that my dad didn't mow so it's somewhat of a 'hunt' for the kids :)
The crew
 Jacob, Luke, Levi, Cole, Kate and Kayla

And they're off!
 Jacob was on a mission to find one of the Golden eggs that contained $1 :)
Next it was time for games!
This one is called see who has the worst allergies.
I mean, egg roll with your face :)

Egg toss time!

Not sure what this one is called.  Pass the egg with a spoon? :)
Don't drop it :)
Next was Hot Potato Egg

But the most looked forward to was simply throwing eggs at the target :)
Lastly was a piñata! 

My dad was in charge of raising and lowering as the kids swung.
Doesn't he look thrilled :)
I realize this is not going to make the South look good, but I had to share :)
My dad has this beat up old Honda.  We thought it would be fun to give some driving lessons in the backyard to the kiddos - ages 3-10 :)
Levi's turn :) 
What I don't have pictures of is me and Beth doing donuts in it - so fun!! :)
We had a good time with our crazy family!


Cindi said...

Girl, y'all do Easter like no one I've ever seen! Can I pretend I'm one of yours next year? Just awesome!!! :)

Kelley said...

What a fun Easter! I learned to drive when I was about 8 in our cow pasture! I could totally relate.