Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pinewood Derby Race

Last week was the Pinewood Derby race for Jacob's Cub Scout Troop.
They provided the kit, so all we had to do was assemble.
Jacob painted it and added some stickers. 
I could've scoured Pinterest for ideas, but I knew I wanted this to be his project and not mine :)
However, when we got to the race, it was pretty obvious most of the parents had helped.
With his buddy, Cameron 
Monkey see, monkey do with this one :)
before we left Levi asked me where we were going.
I said, "Cub Scouts."
He asked, "I'm a scout, Mommy?" 
Pretty much sweet boy!  You're right there in the middle with them! :)
Jacob's car was in the first heat (far left #5).
Once it was down the hill, my heart sank.
There are tricks in making your car go fast, and obviously we didn't know any!
His car barely made it to the finish line.  He looked so sad.  But luckily he shook it off.
I think I was more bummed about it than him.  Lesson learned for next year!
Some of the boys with their cars and trophy.
Luckily he received a participation medal ;)
Doesn't his expression look like he's thinking, "oh well." 

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Jenny Marrs said...

how CUTE!!! i bet he loved this:) and i hear you about making it his own project...I'm all about that. it makes it more fun for everyone! miss you guys!!