Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sleepy boy

All the celebrating on Memorial Day made one little man tired.  :)
Around 5pm or so, we found him like this - right next to an oblivious Jacob :)
I didn't think he looked comfortable, so we moved him.
He naturally put his arm behind his head.
And the next day, we found him like this.
I had gone to the grocery store, and when I walked in I didn't notice Levi.
I asked Kris where he was, and he said, "in his room, I guess."  :)
Nope, on the floor.  Asleep.  Next to an icky shoe. 
Kris took these pictures.  I would've removed the shoe before doing so :)
now THIS cannot be comfortable!!
He LOVES these boots!  Would sleep in them if he could!
He found this bicycle helmet and wanted to wear it around the house... backwards. :)
Could his shorts be any higher? 
He makes us laugh!


Cindi said...

Kimberley, I had lots to catch up after being gone for a week, and I loved every post! So glad you had a great Memorial Day, and I'm officially in love with those boots too. :)

Erin said...

What a sleepy boy! H refused to nap today and fell sleep facing kind of sitting up facing the back of the loveseat. I didn't take a picture; I was too worried about getting him awake - since it was 5:30!

Kelley said...

How cute! My Mady loves boots too! Well really all things shoes and flop flips she calls it!