Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week Randoms

Levi loves to put on a hat whenever he sees one.

And I love it's always on backwards - little monkey!
we received his tshirt from his time spent at AR Children's Hospital.
it seemed so huge when they gave it to us, now it barely fits.
here and here are a couple of posts for anyone new to the blog

He likes wearing my hat too :)

It was bath time the other night and when Levi saw that his favorite show was on, he took a seat :)

Look, it's Super Levi!!
"Don't forget me", says Jacob :)

Love them!!!

Hope you are having a great week!!


Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, I don't think your boys could possibly be ANY cuter!!! Such dolls!!

Kelley said...

Your boys are so cute! Love Levi watching Wheel of Fortune!

Life Happens said...

Your boys are SO adorable!!!

The Morrows said...

Those sweet baby eyes!! They are adorable.