Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's Play

Today Levi had a date, I mean playdate with Anna, the daughter of my hair dresser, Krissy.  
She is about 7wks older than Levi.  
{Oh I just realized their feet are touching, hehe!}

I told Krissy we would use this one at their rehearsal dinner  :)

They played really well together.  Anna was so sweet with the teddy bear.
She gave him sugars, hugged and patted his back.  So sweet!

Meanwhile, Jacob had a playdate of his own today with Daddy.
Since Kris was off work today, he met my sister Beth and Luke and some other moms/kids at Jump Zone.
I already had my playdate with Krissy scheduled, otherwise I would've taken him, but Kris didn't seem to mind hanging out with all the moms. :)  {that makes me laugh!}

Then they went to see Cars2.  My mom also came into town and she took Jacob to the grocery story with her, where she let him get some donuts.  I would say Jacob had a pretty good day.  :)


Kelley said...

How fun! Both boys I bet had a blast!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures!!! Love the one of their feet touching :)!

Beth said...

Anna is so cute!!!! I can see Krissy in her. That first picture Levi looks like Jacob.

Laurie said...

Cute pictures! YES! That is the TRAIN!!!! SOOOO fun!