Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Family Photos

Back in this post, I gave a little tease on the family photos we had made.
Well the rest are in... would you like to take a look?  :)

One of my absolute FAVES!  Look at those hazel eyes!!

Happy little fella!

Brotherly Love

I know I'm his momma, but how handsome is he?  
I can see it now...  the phone ringing in about 10yrs and a sweet girl's voice on the other end asking, "is Jacob there?"  :)  

I can just hear another little girl saying...
"Oh mom, there's this really cute boy in my class named Levi"  

I LOVE the light in this one!!!

Levi would not stand, so he's sitting in all his pictures.  Daddy was making him laugh here.

I got a 20x30 canvas of this one.
When the hubs hangs it, I'll take a pic.

Working the camera

Melt my heart!!

If you're in the NWA area, I recommend Bethany at A Southern Eye
She was great to work with!


The Robinsons said...

they are fabulous! did you do the 1hr pkg or the 30 min one? i bought 2 30min sessions but havent scheduled anything yet.

The Carters said...

Those are so good!!!

Jessica said...

Very sweet pictures! Love them all!!

Kelley said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!

Kristy said...

the pics are wonderful, you should be very proud. the boys look adorable.

Jacquie said...

LOVE the photos. The last three are my favorites!!