Monday, August 22, 2011


I went back to Rhea Lana!
I'm pretty sure I spent my profit, and then some!  HA!  

It's all good though :)

The first time I went I didn't get Levi one thing.
Is that bad?  Well I don't think so considering the child does not need any clothes.

But the 2nd trip, I figured I would see if I could find some Christmas pajamas in his size.
I'm a sucker for holiday pajamas!  

I not only found Christmas pajamas, I found the exact same pair I bought Jacob yesterday!
What are the odds?  They are both in excellent condition too!
(The shirt says, "Dear Santa, Define Good")  :)

Now I've never dressed the boys ALIKE, this is as close as it'll get (maybe).
I'm not against it, well to a certain age, just not something I do.  

Every year since Jacob's first Christmas, I have sent out our Christmas card with Jacob (and now Levi) in front of our Christmas tree wearing Christmas pajamas.  So I was excited to find the same pair to keep the tradition rollin'. 

p.s.  I bought 4 pairs of Christmas pajamas for Levi :)


Kelley said...

That's a great find! You do so well! We will be having a Rhea Lana sale here too soon.

T. Hamilton said...

Hey! where did you find these? I have 4 boys and need them all to have the same pajamas to avoid a fight :) I found them in 12mo 2T and 3T and need size 7!