Sunday, August 21, 2011


This was my first year to participate in the Rhea Lana Children's Consignment Event.
There is a lot of prep (wash/iron/hang/tag), but I figured I had nothing else to do, plus I'd make a little extra cash.  

The sale opened today to the public, but yesterday I attended a pre-sale for consignors.  
I thought I would just go 'see what they got'.   :)

I came away with all of this!
{2 coats, 3 pairs of practically new pajamas, 4 pairs of jeans, 7 shirts, 3 Razorback sweatshirts and one Polo sweater}

I was so happy to stumble upon this for only $5!!!!
{it's much darker than what the picture shows}

And I'm sure you're saying I turned around and spent all my profit.  HA!  :)
I have this whole week to make money, so I won't know what I net out with until the end of the week, but I know I would've spent way much more had I bought these in the store.  

I can check my sales online and I've already made $67.  So here's to more sales this week!!! :)


Beth said...

wow, you know I love to buy designer at consignment stores. Looks like you did good.

Kelley said...

That looks great! I have thought about doing the same thing. I have so many girls clothes and need to do something with them.

kimmie said...

Don't you just love consignments!! I'm thinking about consigning just enough of Maddox's fall/winter clothes to get to go to the sale a day early!! I love Deals!! You got some cute stuff!!

Jenna said...

awesome! i am hoping to do it next year!

Blogger said...

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