Saturday, August 13, 2011

My big boy

Jacob starts a new preschool next week.
He'll be going Tues-Wed-Thurs.

Something new that we'll have to start doing is packing his lunch.
He's excited about carrying a lunchbox.

He also cannot wear sandals/flip flips, so today we went to the shoe store, had his foot measured, and bought a couple pairs of shoes.  They were having a great sale, buy one, get one free.  
So I bought a bigger size for next year (laces too - we'll have to teach him how to tie his shoes).
His foot measured an 11.  Uh, when did he become such a big boy?  :(
We also bought one of those kindergarten mats.
He wanted to try it out, on the kitchen floor I might add :)
{fyi - I'm 99% certain he will never take a nap on it}

Somehow he managed to get a chocolate milk goatee :)
The kid has talent.

This time next year we will be getting ready for kindergarten!
Wasn't I just in the hospital having him!?!?!?!


Kelley said...

We are right there! MK is starting Kindergarten Monday! She is so excited and so ready! Not me...

Kim said...

So cute! I'm not ready for the Boy to go back to law school and into that endless tunnel. He's got one week left of freedom!

Jessica said...

Gah they grow up so fast! :(