Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thomas & Friends

Yesterday Jacob woke up with what looked to me like Pink Eye.  Grrrrreat!!!
I called the doctor to get an appointment and sure enough it was confirmed he had it!
Giving him eye drops has been so FUN!

I wasn't sure if he should go see Thomas the Train, but he never complained once about his eye nor did he ever try to rub it.  After the first round of drops, I could tell a difference.  

We went to the show and told Beth beforehand to keep Kate and Luke away!
{it's in his right eye.  i can definitely tell an improvement}

They still managed to sit next to one another, but this was just during intermission.

Afterwards we took a few pictures outside.

Sadly, James did not make an appearance in the show.  
And ironically, Jacob was OK with that.  

sidenote:  I got a laugh out of all the parents who were on their cell phones (internet) during the show.
And I was one!  :)


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

How fun!

Hope the pink eye does away quickly :)

Kelley said...

The show sounds so fun! The pink eye doesn't!

Jacquie said...

Poor Jacob! But, I'm glad his eye didn't keep him from having a fun time.