Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just a few randoms of what's been going on around our parts...

Before giving Levi a bath, I changed his dirty diaper.  I then placed him in his crib sans diaper while I ran the bath water.  When I came back this is what I found.  
{a wet bed, not a missing baby, HA!}

Speaking of his crib, I just so happened to spot this.
It's just on the inside, that's why it's taking a while to notice.


Beth asked me if I wanted to get a mani/pedi after work.  Sure, I could definitely use one!
We used Shellac on our nails.  It's guaranteed not to chip for 2wks.  If so, they will correct for free.
It's a little extra, but so worth it.  Plus, I'm not one to get my nails done regularly, so I splurged this once.  

I absolutely hate my shorties for toes, but here they are.
{And that is Lightening McQueen between my feet, HA}

I'm excited to see this, premieres April 26th NBC

I had two friends give birth on Monday (4/4) to precious baby boys.
And one was due March 25th, guess he wanted to be fashionably late. :)

Kris and I will be celebrating 6yrs of marriage in May in Chicago
Along with Beth&John, Melody&David and Kirk  :)
I'm excited!!  Even though it's just for 4 days, I'm thrilled to be going somewhere.
We haven't gone anywhere since having kiddos.  Oh, and this trip is sans kids too.  
(I have said sans twice in this post, ha!)

Looking forward to the weekend with some great weather.
Makes me want to spring clean.  
My mom always tells me if I put tennis shoes (aka sneakers) on when I'm cleaning, I'll do more.  :)
She's crazy!  But I think it's true.  :)  


Kelley said...

Cute toes and fingers! Love the color! How fun, a trip to Chicago. Levi is so cute with all of those teeth. Mady still has just two.

Jenna said...

Love that color! I once did Shellac but I'm one of those weirdos that it totally tore my nails up! Most people don't have that problem though! =) We've been married almost the same amount of time as you guys! Happy almost anniversary! Have fun in Chicago! Let me know if you need restaurant recommendations!

Jacquie said...

Too funny about the wet sheet! Are those teeth marks on the crib?? Kale did that to his crib!

We are looking forward to The Voice, too!

Beth said...

I have never heard the tennis shoe tip. Will try it. Also, had good times getting nails done!