Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Randoms (spoiler alert)

*I'm so sad Casey was voted off American Idol.  He brought so much entertainment to the show.
He was so fun to watch!
I cannot believe Jacob is still there.  Him I just don't get...

*I am lovin' this season of Biggest Loser.  It's probably been my favorite.  
I cannot wait for next week's episode - the makeover.  I will be crying along with them!
Oh, and I definitely want to go to New Zealand now!!!  BEAUTIFUL!!

*Kris and I are going to a wedding this Saturday for one of my coworkers.
I couldn't tell you the last time I went to a wedding.  
My own maybe?  :)  

*Speaking of weddings, I want to see Something Borrowed.
I have a slight crush on John Krasinski.  Aka Jim from The Office.

*Why couldn't these been produced in the 80s when I didn't care about my weight!?!?!?!?

*I overheard Jacob telling Levi yesterday, "You're such a good baby."   :)  And I concur!!
Speaking of... 
I just love Levi in his birthday suit!

*Tonight we are taking Jacob, along with my sister and her bunch, to see:

Truth be told, James is actually his favorite train!
He has a slight obsession over him.
And I'm afraid James is not part of the show.  I hope he doesn't cry out for him!  :)
Oh, and see that number 5 on his car?  Yeah, Jacob is a little OCD about 5.  For example:
-When I give him wafers to eat he only wants 5.  Not four, not six.  Crazy!
-When I operate the microwave, his little voice asks, "did you press 5 mommy?"
-if I'm in a drive thru ordering he yells from the backseat...  NUMBER 5 MOMMY!!!  SAY FIVE!!
-on his FOURTH birthday, I placed a candle in the shape of a 4 on his cake.  According to Jacob he is FIVE!  That may have caused a slight melt down.  

All this to say... let's hope James decides to show up anyway!!


Kelley said...

That looks like so much fun!

Daisy said...

i can't believe he went home!!! i didn't watch it but i'm glad i didn't cause i would've probably had a meltdown =(.. and i can't wait to go see something borrowed.. must read book first haha..

that is one cute booty!! baby booty is always my favorite haha

Jacquie said...

Fun post!

Daisy and I decided we want to see that movie.

I totally agree about Jacob and I LOVE the makeovers on BL. The contestants are all looking so good!