Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap

*warning, lots of pics*

As mentioned, we went to my parents house for Easter.
My mom bought a new swing set for the kiddos.

I was impressed with Kate on the monkey bars!

Look at sweet Lukie.  He's getting so big!

Had to get the infamous bath in the sink picture of Levi, then guess who wanted in! :)

Saturday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at my cousin's church

This is my cousin Amber's little girl, Kayla - so sweet.

Adorable Kate

Isn't she precious?  Why couldn't Jacob be looking up?

Surprisingly, Jacob wasn't in the hunt too much, and was ready to go back to Meme's house

My mom had put a bunch of Easter signs in the yard 

Someone wasn't happy

Oh now he is

They also had some thunderstorm(y) weather.

My cousin Shelby drove down from Memphis.  She was a hit with the kids :)

Sunday was also Beth and John's 7th wedding anniversary.  
They went out to eat together while we watched their monkeys.
As soon as I put Jacob and Levi in the bath, Lukie wanted in.

Easter Sunday after church

Baby Tiana is never away from Kate's side  :)

I thought this was a good picture

Me and my love

How precious is this?

Bunny ears!

Whew, I think that's a good recap!  

Oh, and Levi took over a 2hr nap after church so he missed the photo session.
When we woke up he was soaked in his Easter outfit.

I will have to 'stage' Easter photos for him sometime this week.  
He looked so precious, as did Jacob, in his TIE!!! :)  


Kelley said...

Those are such good pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun. We spent Easter in Little Rock. Then came home with stomach viruses. Not fun at all.

Beth said...

Good recap. I need to copies of some of those pics. I loved those little ties.

Vanessa said...

Fun playset and cute pictures. It looked like you had a wonderful Easter.

Jacquie said...

What a fun time! I got tickled... I only found one photo of one-eyed Luke.

Brittany said...

I'll be 'staging' more pics too!!! glad i'm not the only one!!!

adorable pics!!

and you look GREAT! keep up the good work!

The Robinsons said...

great pictures!