Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Story and Appreciation

Sometimes taking a bath can be so tiresome.
{our water is not dirty, he threw in a mix of color tablets, so I have no idea what color that actually is}

Meme called tonight and Jacob asked her to tell him a story.
As soon as she started the story, he laid down and got settled, which I thought was sweet (she's on speaker phone)  HA!


Back in January, I came across this post and thought how fun would it be to participate.  
I was partnered with the lovely Summer.  We had a good snail mail swap over the last 6wks.
Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks have been hard on her due to her illness.  
You would never know anything was wrong with her when you read her letters/cards.
She is so upbeat and funny!  
The last week of our swap she was in the hospital for treatment, and ya'll, she still managed to send me a sweet card and a gift card!!!!  I was beyond humbled and very thankful.  She has an amazing spirit and faith, and I would love if you would join me in praying for a complete healing for her!  

Oh, and I plan to join the next snail mail swap too!  So FUN!


Kelley said...

Cute pictures! I am not sure if I can go to the Beth Moore conference. I am going to try to though.

Jacquie said...

I have the feeling that picture of "story time" made Meme's day!!