Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Levi you are 9mos old today!
I am lovin' this age.  You are the happiest baby!!  Even the teachers at daycare say so!  They tell me you hardly cry, which makes me feel better. 

Here is what you're up to these days:
*wear size 3 diaper
*wear 9mos clothing, and some 12mos shirts
*will find out how much you weigh and how tall you are next week at your well check visit
*still loving all baby food
*had your first sip of juice from a sippy cup.  couldn't get enough!
*started clapping your hands!  so stinkin' cute!!  your left hand claps your right, wonder if you'll be left handed?
*have 4 teeth.  two on top, two on bottom
*you think it tickles when I comb your hair.  so cute!
*you are crawling everywhere!!  had to get you from behind the toilet one day.  HA!
*you are still a great sleeper 
*you have started showing a few signs of pulling yourself up
*jacob makes you laugh so much!  and your face just lights up when you see him!!
Sweet Levi, momma could eat you up!
You are so loved little man!


Kelley said...

He is growing and changing so much! He is so cute!

Beth said...

hims a precious puppy.