Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The boys

THANK YOU so much for praying for Levi!  
He has an ear infection in both ears, and on top of this, getting more teeth!
So you can imagine all the snot (sorry, no better word) we've been wiping away.  :)
He is feeling so much better since the meds have kicked in.  

(these pictures were from last week)

Levi in this position totally changes his looks, I think.

I found him this way waking up for the day.  Envision a big smile behind that bar. :)

My sweet Jacob made me a flower at school.

This little stinker can still melt my heart.

Hope I always have momma's boys :)

and I have come out from under a rock and created a twitter account.
I have heard so much about it, but never figured it was for me.
I've had a facebook account for over 2yrs, but never jumped on the twitter bandwagon.
My ID is KimberleyKey, so original I know.
I've found a couple of ya, so you'll see me as a new follower ;)
I'd love to follow more if you tweet!   Let me know.  :)


Kelley said...

Mady had a double ear infection too. So frustrating. I don't have a twitter account so I am really behind. Levi looks so cute! Love the flower Jacob made.

Jacquie said...

No wonder Levi was sick, poor baby!