Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Jacob!!!!!

Jacob, you are FOUR years old today!  How can that be?  

Funny how I can remember every.single.detail from the very first sign of labor (OUCH!) until they put you in my arms.  I'm teary-eyed just thinking about it.
You have grown to be such a handsome, smart, funny boy and so I thought I would capture 25 things (since you were born on the 25th) that we love about you!

1.  you are such a loving big brother, always wanting to give Levi a kiss
2.  your little giggle
3.  your amazing memory
4.  your ability to count to 100 with minimal help 
5.  your love of books
6.  your unexpected hugs and kisses
7.  your thoughtful gestures.  always asking if you can help (i.e.  laundry, dishes, cooking)
8.  you have the longest eye lashes ever
9.  your contagious smile
10.  you adore meme and papaw
11.  you still ask us to kiss your boo boos
12.  the enormous greeting you give us when we pick you up from school
13.  when you ask us to tell you a story every single night before bed
14.  your love for your cousins Kate and Luke (and Aunt B and Uncle John)
15.  you still let me grease you up with Baby Magic after a bath
16.  when you refer to McDonald's as Old McDonald
17.  when you tell me you want to sit in my lap.  so sweet!
18.  your excitement over the littlest things
19.  when you tell Levi "it will be alright" when he's crying.  I've even heard you tell him "Jacob's here"
20.  your curiosity.  always asking questions
21.  when you sometimes refer to me and your daddy as Papa Bear and Momma Bear.  so funny!
22.  when you ask "want to play with me?"  or "want to read books?".  I'd love to!  Such a special time.
23.  your sweet voice when you sing
24.  you're so polite.  always saying please, thank you, bless you
25.  your big heart!

Because of you, FOUR years ago today, a family was made.  We love you so much Jacob, it hurts!

This morning you had a donut, candles and balloon waiting for you.

I think you were a little surprised.  

Ready to dive in!

Today we are heading to Kansas City to see Toy Story 3 on Ice tomorrow, followed by a birthday party on Sunday.
Going to be a fun birthday weekend!!

I cannot believe it!


Summer said...

Happy 4th Birthday Jacob!! Now you and Kelcee are the same age!! I'm sure you two would be buddies she loves to count too!!

Kimberley I love how you put 25 things you love about him how sweet and special! I love how he calls McDonalds Old McDonald and how he says don't worry Levi, Jacob is here that is awesome!

How sweet you had a donut ready, I love those curly candles!

Ooooh Toy Story on Ice sounds fun and a big birthday party! Have fun!


Kelley said...

That is the sweetest thing! I am crying as I read it! You all will have a blast this weekend! Tell us all about it!

Jacquie said...

What a great birthday post!! Y'all are gonna have such fun this weekend!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!! What a lucky little boy to have such a great mom :)