Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Randoms

Little by little, Levi is becoming less and less of a baby.
No more formula, bottles are put away, and he's now in a big boy car seat (which he loves!!).

This was taken on his actual birthday, he looks huge!

Oh those eyes get me every time!

I confess, he did have a little practice before his party last weekend.  
My mom brought over a little cake on his birthday. 
He's doing this new smile with a crinkled up nose-love it!

Such a little monkey.  Now if he could only stand straight up from this position and start walking!

He's putting a lot of miles on the walker.  

Time for another haircut.  I think I'd rather give birth.  I think we'll let it grow out.

Cousin Luke wanted to stay the night last Sunday - Jacob's first sleepover!
{he didn't make it to 10:30pm - HA!}

Take 2 and cousin Kate's turn.  Love her little pose.
{she didn't last either!}  

Daddy dressed Jacob after a bath... uh, what's wrong with this picture?
{Levi's shirt}

I thought Levi was being awfully quiet one day.  Forgot I had dropped a napkin on the floor. 
Luckily none of it made it to his mouth, thank you passy.

We received a UPS surprise yesterday.  My friend Sharon sent the boys a little gift!
So thoughtful!

He said, "oh thank you mommy.  I love it!"

Levi's turn to open his gift.

Thank you Sharon!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Kelley said...

Those pictures are so cute! I can't wait to meet these too in person. MK and Mady are much better today. Wed. and Thurs. were about the worst days I have ever had. Mady was fine once I got her to the ER. You just never can be too sure. She hit hard too and it was on hardwood (laminate). She didn't have a knot which bothered me. Because then you worry if it went in instead of out. We are taking a quick vacay this weekend. We need to get out of town.

kimmie said...

Too cute!!! Love the pic of Levi and his cake...I can't believe how big he is makes me sad b/c i know Ryder's first year will go by just as fast. I love the baby stage!!!

Too funny...Jacob in Levi's shirt!!

Maddox has the pj's that Levi got!!

Thank you for your sweet comment on Ryder's nursery!

Karen said...

Too cute. Levi's growing up so fast! And Jacob is such a handsome little guy!

Jacquie said...

That bed looks huge with those little boys in it!!