Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Friday

Friday evening, we met the Winberrys downtown at the Square for First Friday.
A little festival(ish) event our town hosts the first Friday of the month.

There's music, vendor booths, food, etc...
I hate that this picture is blurry, but before Kris joined us after work, David stepped in and helped Jacob at the Lowe's Station to build a little somethin' somethin'.

Once again, a Winberry came to our rescue and helped Jacob go down a really big slide.  :)
If you can't tell, Jacob is not a daredevil so sometimes he's hesitant in doing things like this so he needs a little push (as seen below)  :)

"OK, ready Jacob?"

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  Look at his face! :)
{thanks again David!}

Also on these nights, the Splash Park becomes an outdoor theater!  Tonight's showing was Shrek.

We brought some snacks

And waited patiently for the sun to set and the movie to start.

The boys would watch part of the movie then play with their cars.  

Even little man was able to enjoy the nice night.

Not sure if Jacob had ever seen Shrek to be honest, but the next movie is Toy Story then Finding Nemo.
Those we have and he's watched multiple times, so we'll be heading back for another fun night!


The Robinsons said...

it's the little things they do that makes you appreciate good friends. very sweet.

we love first fridays. we may have to check out the movies sometime. happy 4th!!

Melody said...

Good times! Can't wait to go again next month.

Kelley said...

What a fun service that splash park provides!

Beth said...

sounds like fun!