Friday, July 15, 2011

God is Wild About Us!

I can't believe it's already Friday.
Now that I'm not working the weeks just FLY by.  Why is that?

Jacob completed another round of VBS.
Since he's not in daycare anymore, I'm trying to keep him entertained.
This one was at a larger church, in fact, over 600 kids attended each day!
For the last month or so, Jacob has watched Kung Fu Panda about 500 times.
When I noticed this church was having a Panda themed VBS, I had to enroll him!
He has been singing the VBS theme song all week, so cute!!

Sidenote:  I just have to brag on my Jacob.
This little fella is not shy.  He walks in, says goodbye and never looks back.
I'm so happy that he is comfortable making himself at home and fitting right in.
This was his 2nd VBS at a church we do not attend.  In fact, we're trying to find a home church and we've visited a few lately and each time, he walks into his class, and never looks back.  
Thank you Jacob for not hanging onto my legs as I did my mother at your age! :)

They gave each child a bandana and he has enjoyed wearing his name badge too.

Meanwhile, Levi has come down with a nasty diaper rash.
I let him go "free" around the house and let me tell you, that little monkey had 3 accidents!
It's like we have a puppy in the house!!  And one time he went #2!  TMI maybe?  :)
Jacob loves to wrestle with Levi.  I'm always telling him he's being too rough and to leave him alone.
Levi doesn't seem to mind though, he just goes with the flow.  I tell Jacob just wait until Levi gets older!

Have a great weekend!  The hubs and I have a wedding to attend tomorrow night.
I'm excited about a little date night!


Kelley said...

Jacob's VBS looks fun too! I know it makes you proud when they walk in with confidence! You are a fantastic Momma! Levi tickles me. He and my Mady would make a cute pair. His smile reminds me of her.

Emily said...

Your boys are so cute!

For Levi's diaper rash- try A+D diaper ointment (or plain zinc oxide) mixed with Neosporin. Marly gets wicked rashes and this is the one thing I've found to get rid of it. Good luck!

Jacquie said...

Seriously, the fact that Jacob adapts like that is a huge blessing to a momma's (and a preschool worker's -ha!) heart!!

Love J's haircut!

Melody said...

Another option for Levi's diaper rash is Resinol. You can get it at Wal-Mart. You have to ask the pharmacy for it but you do not need a prescription. The label talks about it being for burns and doesn't mention diaper rash but it works great. One of my friends pediatricians told her about it.

The Lovely One said...

Hope you have fun on your date night!

I've always heard that letting your baby run "free" is the best way to pt... but I'm just not brae enough to do it yet!

Emily said...

Your boys are the cutest!!

WOW! 600 kids is alot.. we go to a small church so it is wild hearing that many at one church! That is awesome!

Frank and Natalie said...

So sweet! I love VBS. I was saved at a tiny VBS when I was 5 years old. I remember it like it were yesterday.

I agree, that's so fun our boys were born on the same day. It will be fun keeping up with Levi.