Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Fun to Learn

I always tell Jacob, "it's fun to ______."  
{learn, be nice, take a nap, etc... }   :)

When the local Boarders store was going out of business, I went over and got a few educational books for Jacob.  He loves to learn and is always asking questions.  

This particular book came with an erasable marker, so you know it's his favorite :)
It's for learning how to write letters of the alphabet.

Out of 26 letters, there's just 4ish that he needs help with.  Momma is so proud of you Jacob!

In related news, Jacob came home this week with a few papers from VBS they had been working on.
At the top of one of them was the name Jimmy (I guess his got into Jacob's pile by mistake).
Jacob looked at it and said, "that's not my name."  


kimmie said...

Oh my goodness...he writes his letters great!! That is a neat little book!!

Kelley said...

Those letters are amazing! He knew that paper wasn't his!

Anonymous said...

iJacob, Meme is so proud of you!!! Keep up the good you so.