Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cousin Fun

The other night we went over to Beth's house and the kiddos had fun riding around in Luke's new truck.
I got the biggest kick watching him drive and making turns and squealing his tires:)

I mean look at his face, he's serious!!

The last few times we've left from over there, the Pittman kiddos climb into the back seat.
And now they ask if we'll drive them around the block.  I fall for it, every time :)
Only one looks thrilled, but I promise you they were having a good time ;)

Funny story:
Jacob HATES, I mean, HATES to get his toenails cut.
Throws the ultimate fit!  We put it off as long as we could (yes, it takes us both) and during the meltdown Jacob says, "let's pray!!!  I need to pray!!!"  So we stopped, bowed our heads and he said, "thank you for toys, thank you for tv, thank you for eyes, thank you for ears.  Amen."

What in the world?  I could not hold a straight face!  What goes through his head?!?!  I'd love to know!


Karen said...

Way too cute! Love the prayer!

Brittany said...

that is so funny - we have had some funny prayers too !!!! love that face driving - crack me up!

Kelley said...

That's hysterical! He is trying to think of all the things that comfort him while he has to endure this. I love that you guys get to visit Beth so much. The pictures of the 4 of the are so cute!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love that prayer!!! Too cute!!