Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite Character

Jacob has started watching a new show, Bubble Guppies.

It's really cute.  He always has a favorite character with every show he watches.
Can you guess which is his favorite Bubble Guppie?   :)

When we were at my parents over the weekend, Jacob and my mom ran to the grocery store and Jacob came back with these goggles.  I laughed because I immediately knew what they were for, and it's not for swimming.  Thanks Meme!

*funny how she bought those for Jacob but when I was a kid I heard "it's not your birthday" or "it's not Christmas" when I wanted something.  


Kelley said...

Love it! My parents did me the same way. Could barely get gum at the check out. Ha!

Beth said...

Love those goggles. He needs to wear them to the pool!

Jenna said...

Nani is Brayden's favorite too! I need to find him some goggles!

Heidi said...

Stopping by from Jenna's. The goggles are priceless. Too cute!!

Emily said...

We watch the Bubble Guppies here too. Cute show!